Data Intelligence & BI


Cloud Data Analytics Services

Fetch Data In Real-Time, Make Faster Decisions to get Real-Time Business growth , Grow With TMS Business h Analytical tools Make key business decisions based on TMS analytical insights .


Data Analytics and Visualization

Convert data into a simple chart or other visual format that helps data analysis and interpretation. Data visuals present the analyzed data in ways that are accessible to and engage different stakeholders.


BI As A Service

Self-service Business intelligence allows technical or non-technical individuals to access and analyze data. It enables business users to modify reports and dashboards. Users can filter or produce reports for visualization Furthermore, reports can easily be adapted. In this way, self-service functions provide

Data Intelligence & BI insights



Our Data analysis tools and software come in a wide variety of forms. Spreadsheets: Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Google Docs are some of the most widely used BI tools.

Reporting software:

Data analytics Reporting tool is used to report, organize, filter, and display data in simple visual form.

Data visualization tool :

Our Data visualization techniques converts datasets into easy-to-read, graphical representations to quickly gain insights.

Data mining tools:

Our Data mining tools extract Hugh amounts of data for patterns using technologies like AI , ML , and statistics. Data analytical tools allow users to analyze data sets from a wide variety of angles based on different business perspectives.

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